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About Wilpe

About Wilpe.com 

Every day a surprise and the best deals in various categories at the lowest prices online! Since 2009, Wilpe.com offers fantastic products at huge discounts - daily. We consistently seek out the newest, most useful, fun items and handy gadgets. You must be fast however, as deals are replaced quickly and stock is limited. It is possible to be too late as things can sell out or be replaced with a new offer. Those who decide quickly can benefit from the best deals. 

How does it work?

Wilpe.com has a lot of visitors. At the moment lots of people join Wilpe's daily deal, so we have purchasing power! This we use time and again when buying from wholesalers and factories. It allows us to sell items one time in huge amounts for extremely low prices. In addition, our source is a global one! Its quite crazy that exactly the same product can be so much more highly priced in the one country than in another. Guess then where we purchase the products - from - we go to the source, wherever in the world that may be. Getting the best deal to our members, thats our sport!

As you will have noticed, we have a limited yet varied assortiment. Our purchasing and sales department are constantly out there spotting the best deals. In addition we do get daily stocklot offers, from which we select the best products especially for you! Suggestions are always welcome too and anything goes! If the product is good, and we can offer it for the best price, we give it a go!

Having said that, we work like any other webshop. You see something you would like to buy and purchase. After that you will receive the order confirmation with the invoice attached. We will process you order and ship the product as quickly as possible, providing you with a track and trace code so you can follow your package and stay informed on delivery times.  

Our Stock

Most of the products we sell are in stock. But we can run out from time to time. Often these are stocklots which only could be bought at a certain price one time. We do however have a semi-permanent collection. These are the the top products which we can offer for a longer period as we have purchased large quantities. 

The clock is ticking!

Yes, time is limited and most deals are available for 1 day only! This is not designed to rush you, but we can of course only offer the best price if we make firm agreements with our suppliers and commit to them. On day X we show up with the truck and pick up the deals, and they go straight to you! 


Lets be honest. If you want a specific model of a certain product or want a shop with a small, very deep assortment, we may not be your first choice. You pay less at Wilpe but of course this means that we do not have 50 different models from any particular article in stock. In addition our assortment changes really fast. Take for example a Cordless drill, there are several (web) stores offering over 200 different models, available throughout the year. We on the other hand often hold just 1,2 or maybe 3 different models, which can suddenly be sold out. Perhaps this is also our secret: High turnovers per product. Our mission is to purchase only the best products but in large amounts at the lowest price possible, so you get to benefit!

Who are the people behind Wilpe.com?

Clearly the Dealmasters of Wilpe!

Email: support@wilpe.com
(On working days from 8:00AM to 5:00PM)

Full Service

Wilpe.com is proud of it's excellent, longterm customer relations. We aim for satisfied customers, who return regularly to get surprising discounts. It's not without reason then that we adhere to a 'not good, money back principle' and apply a 14 day consideration period. In addition, we offer a 2 year warranty on every product. Wilpe strives for satisfaction, we are only satisfied wen you are happy with our service. If you are not happy with your order, please do tell us!

How do I benefit from special promotions?

For members only we have special discounts and promotion codes. Make sure you don't miss anything by subscribing to our newsletter!

Enjoy your purchases!



The Wilpe.com Team