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Ergonomic Back Support Proline

-Ergonomically shaped
-Elastic for confirmation
-Good attitude
-Light weight
-Avoid back problems
-Nowhere cheaper
-As long as supplies last

  • 14 day trial period

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Ergonomic Back Support Proline


  • -Ergonomically shaped
  • -With rubber bands for secure attachment to your Chair
  • -Dimensions: 40x38X15cm
  • -Light weight
  • EAN: 8719958055803


You also always such a burden of your back? The perfect support of your back you get with this professional back support. A common cause of low back, neck and shoulder complaints is a bad sitting position. This could be caused by the use of poorly designed chairs or lack of proper support in the low back. More and more hours per day spent by people sitting, making these complaints increase. When while sitting the cavity in the lower back (lordosis) disappears, a bad head attitude. It is therefore important that each seat a proper support to the back.

Research has shown that 85% of Dutch people sometimes suffer from his or her back. The problems range from stiffness in the back up to an annoying nagging pain sometimes radiates to other parts of the body. By long time a wrong attitude, these problems often only get worse. With the super deal of the day, we help you to prevent these problems.

The super deal of the day is an ergonomically shaped backrest which supports your back in your seat. It is especially suitable if you very long in the same attitude is, for example, if you need to make long journeys by car or if you have long at your desk. The backrest is very light and so easy to move. In addition, the backrest about elastics that cause the support easy to attach to your seat.

Do yourself a favor and avoid future back pain with this deeply discounted super deal! Be quick because OP = OP!