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Hofftech Handtacker with Staple

-Free 600 staple
-Professional tacker
-Robust quality
-Diameter up to 12 mm
-Indispensable in your garage
-Convenient storage case
-Many applications available
-Easy to use
-Nowhere cheaper!

  • 14 day trial period

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Hofftech Handtacker with Staple


  • -8 mm 200 x Staples right
  • -200 x Staples around 12 mm
  • -nail model 200 x Staples 12 mm
  • -1 x storage case
  • -1 x metal Tacker
  • EAN: 8718692625457


Handtackers are the ideal tools for the household, in the garden or for the creative hobby workshop. Equipped with handle lock and loading mechanism at the back processes the tacker among other things around material with a diameter up to 12 mm. A compact steel stapler with strong suspension system, a comfortable finger grip and a staple remover.

Handslagtacker this is an excellent solution for many applications. Would you roof foil on wood or furniture upholstery staple? Or would you isolate a roof with no electricity or use of compressor is possible, then a handtacker the best solution. With handtacker you can easily spot the material fixed staple without a compressor or electricity. It takes perhaps more power and labor to staple with a handslagtacker, but this way of confirm brings great advantages.

Are you handy and for example, to upholster a Chair go again. You can save a lot of time and effort by using a handtacker to go to work. If you have a nice little Chair has always at Grandma and Grandpa stood and that you last received and want to brighten with a new speck of dust. It's a nice little Chair but might be very very worn out. You can, of course, to an upholsterer and reupholster. But that is very costly. Why go the challenge not even to upholster?

In short, fix the things that are not with a normal can be secured with this robust tacker stapler. At the keyboard, in a work place and even in the household can't live without this strong professional tacker with durable, particularly recoil poor housing.

Take advantage of this super sharp offer while supplies last.