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Kustaa Solar Dynamo Radio Charger Lamp

-FM radio built in.
-Power speaker system
-Self powering system/built-in battery
-Loading via run/dynamo, solar energy or USB!
-6 super bright LED bulbs
-Can also be used as a phone charger
-Ergonomic metal handle
-Nowhere cheaper!

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Kustaa Solar Dynamo Radio Charger Lamp


  • -Output/Input voltage: 5V
  • -LED lifetime: 50000 hours
  • -Loading via run/dynamo, solar energy or USB!
  • -120 mAh Li-ion/3, 6V
  • -Dimension: x76 76 x 180 mm
  • -Weight: 230gr
  • EAN: 8718001903924


This lantern operates on solar power and is therefore ideal to take with you on holiday, in the garden or to take with you to the Lake. The lamp gives nice and cozy light and also includes a built in radio. Whether you are current or not, thanks to a solar panel and dynamo you don't need to set the lights not to worry.

The battery is loaded by load via the Solar Panel also by number of times to run the handle (dynamo) this is a very unique outdoor gadget but also is an asset to this luxury lantern in any garden. You don't have to worry to the lamp on to load, because the great thing about this lantern is that he works on solar energy and therefore also very environmentally friendly, it is a completely self-sufficient power source.

It is also possible to the luxury lantern to charge from the USB. But you can also just your own smartphone charging via this Lantern. How convenient is that?! The bulb contains 6 beautiful LED lamps.

On vacation, traveling, on the boat or on the terrace, this Kustaa lantern is your best companion and also the ideal Lantern for outdoor use.

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