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Ninyas H36 Drone with remote control

-The hype by now
-Extra stable
-Easy to use
-Includes remote control
-Ultimate ease of operation
-Ninyas top brand
-Nowhere cheaper

  • 14 day trial period

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Ninyas H36 Drone with remote control


  • -4 channels
  • Function (s): up, down, left, right, forward, backward, stop, hover, lateral flight
  • -Remote Control Type: radio control
  • -Remote Control Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Remote control range: 30 m
  • -Frequency: 2.4 G
  • Channel: 4CH
  • -Gyro: 6 Axis
  • -Battery: 3 .7V 150mAh Lipo. Quadcopter (included)
  • -Load time: 30-50 seconds
  • Flight time: 5 minutes
  • -Transmitter battery 2 * 1.5 AA (not included)
  • EAN: 8712343215289


Today is a very special offer, namely the hype of the moment: the H36 Drone including remote control of the top brand Ninyas!

A drone is also known under the name unmanned aerial vehicle also called UAV. A drone is actually a vehicle but can usually be controlled via a controller or remote control. This gives you the ability to control the drone itself, this is your chance to test your skill and practicing it. The Drone is simple, you have a supplied remote control that allows the drone you get and the boards of these he will follow up.

The Headless mode ensures that the drone always all your boards will follow from your perspective, regardless of which side the drone flies. The key feature makes it simple for the drone to the road to return home.

With the push of a button makes the drone a 360-degree Flip, creates guaranteed to impress your friends! The 6-axis gyroscope on the drone creates a strong stability, whereby he is stable when you a fly makes movement while there is a strong wind, or it's just for the ultimate ease of operation.

The H36 Drone of Ninyas is equipped with LED lights, making it possible to fly at night. The Drone is a spectacle to see at night by its LED lights.

Take advantage of this offer while stocks last!