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Zorbz Self-closing Water Balloons

-Direct self-closing
-Supplied in different colors
-Only fill, and let the fight begin
-No more knots
-Recyclable Plastic
-Choice of different amount of balloons
-Nowhere cheaper!

  • 14 day trial period

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Zorbz Self-closing Water Balloons


  • -Only fill, and throwing but!
  • -Direct self-closing
  • -In different colours
  • -Recyclable Plastic
  • -Package contents:
  • -Zorbz 75 water balloons (per package)
  • -1 nozzle
  • EAN: 8719958079281


Do the summer? Then we have the perfect deal for you today. Today we have namely this unique Self-sealing Water balloons in the offer. This Self-closing Water balloons by Zorbz are the only on the market!

Waterbalonnen are very nice but sometimes it is so hard for you to get in a knot. But with the Zorbz water balloons is the button of water balloons past! The Zorbz water balloons are self-sealing balloons, so you do not need any more time to waste on the button of the water balloons!

The Self-sealing Water balloons are also supplied with a nozzle, with which to fill the balloons easily and quickly. The Balloons are delivered in different colors, which makes for a colorful water war!

You can choose from multiple options. Option 1 consists of 75 water balloons, option two option 3 from 300 from 150 water balloons, water balloons, and option 4 from 600 water balloons. The discount rises to mate the ordered quantity increases.

Let the water fight start now, and bring this unique self-sealing water balloons now in house.

Take advantage of this deal while supplies last!

Select from the following options:
- Option Zorbz 1:75 Water balloons from 19,95 for 9,95 (Sold out)
- Option 2:150 Zorbz Water Balloons from 39,95 for 17,99 (Sold out)
- Option 3:300 Zorbz Water Balloons from 79,94 for 29,95 (Sold out)
- Option 4:600 Zorbz Water Balloons from 99,95 for 49,95 (Sold out)